Review : Bringing Down the Duke

The Deets: Anabelle Archer, daughter of a vicar, was one of the first female students who have gained access to higher education and a place in Oxford. She’s also all about women’s right and was a huge part of the British suffrage movement.

One of her duties was to recruit an influential man for their cause, thus enters Sebastian Devereaux, the duke of Montgomery who finds himself somehow involved, even though, that is against his own cause. To make things worse, there is a powerful attraction between them that they should both deny because of their political and social backgrounds.

Just my thoughts: It’s been really a long while since I have read a great historical romance and a great one it was.

As cliché as the synopsis might sound, it was really not!

A mix of history and romance, you will be blown away by the book. The strong personalities, the banters, the emotions, the swoons, the sexual tensions!!! Sigh!

I seriously wasn’t able to put the book down.

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