Our Team



Hillary Boyd — Founder

Hillary Boyd founded Cintas Corner. She is an experienced journalist with years of knowledge in her pocket. She fonded Cintas Corner to provide everyone with the latest Entertainment news.

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Anthony Durocher — CEO

Anthony Co-founded Cintas Corner. He started as the Editor and now have moved to the CEO position. He has since been taking care of the latest content on Cintas Corner.

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Donald Fisher — Media Director

Donald is the Media Director for Cintas Corner. He leads the media team and tries to provide our readers with the latest Entertainment news from all around the world.

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Jack Durkin — Writer

Jack works as the Writer at Cintas Corner. He likes to write and have been writing for a few years before working at Cintas Corner to keep them ahead of everyone.

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Nataliya Durocher — Author

Nataliya is the Author working for Cintas Corner. She is passioniate about writing and has written dozens of reviews and thousands of news stories.

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