The Walking Dead Is Ending With Season 11

Fear the Walking Dead will start broadcasting its sixth season on October 11. The Walking Dead: World Beyond will accompany The Walking Dead Season 10 finale in October and fresh episodes of Fear the Walking Dead using its first year.

A TWD film was starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes is still in development at Universal and Skybound. After the End of the flagship Walking Dead Collection, a spinoff is based around Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, and Melissa McBride since Carol Peletier will enter production. The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang will operate the Daryl/Carol spinoff series.

What is clear is that this series has been around the alive, created by a fervent cast, group of writer/producers, manufacturers, and team, bringing to life the vision set forth by Robert Kirkman within his colorful comic — and encouraged by the best fans on earth.

We’ve got a good deal of thrilling story left to inform TWD; then, this ending will be a start of Walking Dead — new tales and personalities, familiar faces and locations, fresh voices, and modern mythologies. This is going to be a grand finale, which will cause brand new premieres. Evolution depends upon us. The Walking Dead lives.

The Walking Dead In October to broadcast in ancient 2021. Season 11 will enter production in Is formally ending following its 11th season.

The 24-episode conduct will span the autumn of 2021 and also the start of 2022. The AMC zombie series began in 2010 using its premiere, episode, Days Gone Bye, broadcasting on Halloween.

In the years that followed, The Walking Dead became a worldwide strike, claiming the #1 spot on cable and spawning several spinoff displays, for example, two new string that will follow its completion.

“It was ten years ago bye; exactly what lies ahead are just two more to come and stories and stories to tell past this,” The Walking Dead on October 4.

The Walking Dead flagship series was my creative home for decades, and thus it is bittersweet to deliver it to a conclusion. However, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about being working with Scott Gimple and AMC to create a new string for Daryl and Carol.

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