Sarah MacLean has done it again.  Wicked and the Wallflower is a thoroughly enjoyable read that you will not be able to put down.  These characters and their story are ones that will stick with you long after you’ve finished it.

One of the things I love best about Sarah MacLean’s books are how she hooks readers right from the first page.  Wicked and the Wallflower was no exception.  From the moment we were introduced to Devil and Felicity, I knew I was going to love them.  Felicity may label herself a wallflower but that’s far from all she is and Devil was very quick to realize that.  She had a quick wit, a wonderful sense of adventure, and a sense of humor that I could definitely get behind.  She and Devil had some serious banter going between them and I laughed my way through this story.

The plot was on the same level as the characters.  I found every aspect of it to be fascinating.  The pacing was on point and the historical aspects were intriguing.  Devil and Whit’s business venture is not something I’ve ever read about and I found it a fun change of pace.  The author’s note gave some more information and I truly love when historical romances have little factual parts to their stories such as this one.

Let’s not forget the chemistry between Devil and Felicity.  It was off-the-charts from page one.  Every single one of their interactions left me swooning (and also laughing).  I didn’t feel like their romance was overdone or overpowering to the rest of the story.  Sarah MacLean managed to perfectly balance every aspect of Wicked and the Wallflower while still giving readers just what they look for in a romance novel.

Overall, historical romance fans cannot pass this one up.  I’m already eagerly anticipating Whit and Grace’s stories.  I have faith that Sarah MacLean will make their stories just as addicting as Devil and Felicity’s.

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